Get Involved

Looking for ways to help and get involved with Wraparound Orange? Click on the options below to learn more about each opportunity.

Call us for more information on any of the following topics.

(407) 836 - 1584

Engage Your Congregation in Open Table

Speak to your faith-based congregation on the benefits of their involvement in Open Table and the major positive impact it can make on the community and individuals. Please call us at (407) 836-1584 for more information.

Sponsoring an Event

If you own a business and want to help with any of the Wraparound initiatives, sponsor one of our events by offering your goods and services. Please call us at (407) 836-1584 for more information.

Joining the Youth Mental Health Commission

The Youth Mental Health Commission (YMHC) helps determine the needs in our community and strategizes and implements initiatives to resolve the needs. Consider joining a working committee if you would like to be part of these decisions and strategy. Learn More by emailing or calling 407-836-7608.

Sharing Your Story

Do you have a story to share? Share your story and help encourage others to take charge of their mental health. Visit to learn more about sharing your story and contact us at 407-836-1587 to learn more about sharing your story.


We are currently accepting the following donations:

  • Children/Youth bikes
  • Gift cards for grocery stores
  • School Supplies
  • Toiletry Items
  • Prepaid phone cards

Please contact us at (407) 836-1584 for more information about donating items to Wraparound Orange.

Volunteer Hours

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with Wraparound Orange please contact us at (407) 836-1584.